"Don performed our wedding ceremony and both my husband and I could not have been more pleased with how it turned out. From beginning to end, Don was totally professional and paid attention to all details. We had an initial meeting where he helped us review on our readiness for marriage to ensure that this was the right step for us. From that point forward, he was wonderful and offered many helpful suggestions. He also asked us for a brief history of our relationship which he then used during the actual ceremony to help personalize the experience. All of our friends and family commented on what a great job Don did and how unique his approach was. On a scale of 1-10, he rates an 11 in our book!" 
— Gayle and Jerry

"Don was a wonderful addition to our wedding ceremony. His personality and style were just what we were looking for - very personal, interactive, casual, and sincere. He made my husband and me smile and the audience laugh throughout the ceremony. Don's interest in learning about my husband and me before the wedding in order to make the vows and ceremony very personal and specific about us made the experience, and now the memories, very special. We were extremely happy that Don officiated our wedding." 
— Emily and Shawn

"The joy you added to our special day is forever a blessing. You are truly a dreammaker. We have had so many cards from people commenting on what a classy ceremony we had and, of course, much of that class was from you. Our family was tremendously impressed."
— Bob and Lu 

"Thank you so much for doing the wedding service. The verses you picked to read, and the baptism for my daughter and her new husband, all of it made the wedding very special. You're just 'way over the top'. Eternally grateful..."
— Patti

"Our wedding day at Portola Valley Presbyterian Church was one of the most enjoyable days that we experienced in our relationship and certainly was a day that we will always hold dear. There were so many wonderful things in the course of the day and many people who made it special. One that certainly stands out though was Don Mulford, who presided over the ceremony with professionalism and poise. He took the time to get to know us in a prior meeting, something that you could tell was important to Don who didn't take his role lightly."
— Royal and Amy

"Yuni and I were married by our beloved pastor Don Mulford. The ceremony was a complete blessing for us. It was a lifetime memory for which we are very grateful. Pastor Don Mulford’s services are highly recommended by us!" 
— Tom and Yumi

"Thank you for being part of this very special day in our lives. You made it a day that we will never forget. You kept a 'rudderless ship' on course."
— Richard and Annette.

My husband and I had Reverend Don officiate our wedding last weekend and it was a great experience.  We planned our wedding remotely so our main correspondence with Rev. Don was on the phone and online.  We first had about an hour long phone conversation with him in order to decide if we thought we had a good fit and then we decided to retain his services.  From then on, we traded ceremony drafts in word documents until we had a ceremony that was both personal and professional.

We did not meet Rev. Don in person until the day before the wedding, when we finalized the ceremony details and logistics.  Because we had a small family wedding, we opted not to have a rehearsal so Rev. Don helped us with figuring things out.  He had even scoped out the ceremony venue weeks beforehand to see what he thought and envisioned.  Rev. Don arrived to the Japanese Gardens an hour before the ceremony was scheduled to commence to welcome family and coordinate things.  The ceremony was well delivered and he would whisper hints to us when we forgot to do something or were talking too quickly.

When the ceremony ended and we went to take pictures, Rev. Don made sure to get the witness signatures, which was a detail I completely overlooked.  He was very thoughtful, kind, and made the ceremony process a very memorable one.  We wanted to ensure that the ceremony was not overshadowed by the events afterwards and this all worked very well under Rev. Don's guidance.  It's kind of crazy that we could find a great officiant online, but wonderful that it all worked out to create a meaningful ceremony.

Shannon S.

Reverend Don truly made our wedding ceremony a beautiful and meaningful one.  He took the time to get to know us and planned a ceremony that was special to us.  On our wedding day, Reverend Don brought a sense of calm and serenity that made everyone comfortable.  He partnered extremely well with our wedding vendors, and no detail was overlooked.  Many of our guests were very impressed by our officiant because they felt engaged throughout the ceremony.  Thank you for making our wedding perfect, Reverend Don!

Marie K.

My wife and I couldn't have asked for anyone better!!! Don was amazing!!! When things were a little stressful, timing wise, Don was that calming voice!!! He was the perfect blend, funny, serious, thoughtful...all with a great smile. Thanks Don, for being one of the great parts of our day!!!

John S.

It was our honor to have Don as our wedding reverend. Don is a very professional and elegant wedding officiate. We were very lucky to have invited him as our officiate in our wedding last June. He was very experienced and very nice to come to our rehearsal to prepare the ceremony to its full details. His speech was full of humor and very passionate. I would definitely recommend him as your wedding officiate.

Aaron C.

We had the pleasure to work with Don and would highly recommend him. He spent the time to get to know us and incorporated our personal stories into his sermon. Due to some planning difficulties, we involved Don pretty late in the process but he was a true professional and was a calming influence during a stressful time.

Albert H.

it was a great experience working with Don, he is very efficient, organized and knows the flow of the ceremony. Don is very well prepared and he will make sure your wedding day is less stressful and smooth. Highly recommend!

Xiaodan S.

Reverend Mulford officiated jointly with our pastor at our wedding in early May. We met with him once before the wedding, and it was clear that he had plenty of experience and that we were in good hands! Our ceremony went extremely smoothly, and I was personally grateful for his calm demeanor on our perfect day!


"Don made us feel very comfortable from the minute we met him a few months before our wedding. We knew that he would make our ceremony memorable. We appreciated that he spoke about our family and friends, and how they are a large part of our marriage in addition to the two of us. We will never forget when he talked about how marriage was God's idea, and that it was God who created us and brought us together. Don made our ceremony very special and personal for us, and many of our guests commented on how much they enjoyed it. We are so glad that he was a part of this significant day in our lives." 

Andrea J

Reverend Don truly made our wedding ceremony a beautiful and meaningful one. He took the time to get to know us and planned a ceremony that was special to us. On our wedding day, Reverend Don brought a sense of calm and serenity that made everyone comfortable. He partnered extremely well with our wedding vendors, and no detail was overlooked. Many of our guests were very impressed by our officiant because they felt engaged throughout the ceremony. Thank you for making our wedding perfect, Reverend Don!


Don Mulford officiate our wedding on 7/14/12 and he did a good job doing so. I especially like how he spend couple of premarital counseling with us. Thank you so much, Don!

Jane S.

My now husband and I do not come from a religious background, so we were looking for a non denominational officiant. I found Don through The Knot, sent him and email, and got a very prompt response. He was so nice through our email exchange, we were really excited to meet him in person. The initial meeting was wonderful, he asked us great questions about why we had decided to get married, how we met, how we got engaged, about our families, etc. He really got to know us, and when he sent over the first copy of the ceremony, it was so personalized. He worked with us as we made changes to the ceremony, and offered advice on everything. Everyone of our guests said he was great, and it was a pure joy working with him!

Corinne M..

We were so pleased with Don's officiating. He was warm and elegant, with a touch of humor, and just what we were hoping for in our ceremony. He personalized our wedding by reading our story, and working with him was efficient and stress-free. Would definitely recommend.

Kara L.

I am so thankful to have had my wedding at VPC. Everyone was extremely helpful throughout the process. I had very few opportunities to visit the church and make arrangements since I currently live in Ohio, but I was able to do make it all happen during the two weeks that I went back before the wedding. The church itself is simply gorgeous and the small forest behind the church makes an amazing backdrop. Rev Don Mulford was very patient with us and went through the entire speech with us to make sure everything we wanted was included, which made the ceremony very personal. All our guests were very impressed with the church and the whole ceremony!

Sabrina S.

Reverend Don Mulford helped us greatly in preparing and hosting our ceremony. Before the wedding, he met with us and helped us walk through the procedure and even read the full script to us, so that there's no surprise in the big day. The walkthrough is very organized, and Don provided several choices to customize the flow, as well as the pros and cons of each one. At the wedding day Don is patient and steady, and makes the ceremony a pleasant experience.  I have much pleasure working with Don and would highly recommend him!

- Kuangye G.

What Couples are Saying:  

"Rev. Mulford is a charismatic, caring, funny, and thoughtful man who performed our wedding ceremony without a hitch. Not only that, but he mentored my husband and I before the big day, offering guidance as to how to make our relationship the strongest it had ever been before we walked down the aisle. He worked with us in writing the ceremony, offering both his expertise and the flexibility that allowed us to make the words our own. Having a pastor who helps make your day amazing and special is SO important, and Rev. Mulford embodies everything that you could hope for in an officiant. I would happily recommend him to anyone!" 

— Diana and Matt

"We always planned to have Don officiate our wedding, and he performed our ceremony exactly as we had hoped! Don's ease, warmth, and leadership qualities make the whole wedding party feel comfortable right from the start. Don has a unique ability to keep the feel of the day light but professional, instilling the serious commitment which is taking place, but peppering it with humor when needed. Every time I felt a moment of stress, one glance towards Don helped remind us, that we are among friends who love us, and that he is there as our loyal guide. Don takes the time to get to know you in face-to-face meetings, and tailor his sermon to suit your story, as well as your tastes and religious beliefs. We so appreciated his relaxed but strong presence. Don is a natural at public speaking, commanding the attention of the guests, balanced with loving and heartfelt words in his oratory. He includes stories from his own experiences, with your story together, into the moment of the day, and what it means for the future. We highly recommend Don Mulford for your wedding!" 

— Lara and Jim

"We were fortunate enough to find Reverend Don Mulford just a couple of weeks prior to our wedding date. He was very accommodating and professional to work with, and really cared about us as a couple. Rev. Don even took time to meet with us on several different occasions to connect with us on a spiritual and personal level. He was very courteous, sincere, and helpful as we planned the ceremony--ensuring that we were happy while assuring that all would go well. 

Needless to say, the wedding went off without a hitch! The ceremony was beautifully and tastefully carried out, and many of our guests later commented on how much they enjoyed it, and how lovely it was. As a former bride, I would not hesitate to recommend Reverend Don Mulford to anyone. He was such a compassionate and caring person who was able to bring a sense of peace and ease to an otherwise very stressful endeavor!" 

— Sarah and Kristian

"Don was very relaxed and flexible with our wedding details, and did all he could to learn about the Persian tradition of sofreh and was patient and understanding. We had a smoothly run wedding thanks to him and his love letter idea was a magical touch to the ceremony. Thanks Don. ;)" 

— Bahareh and Brandon